VIRTUAL Celebrating Clay!     COVID put a stop to the series of twenty-two in-person exhibitions the OGP held between 2017 and end 2019, at a local Ottawa artist-run gallery.  Celebrating Clay has now returned in a virtual on-line format on our web site.

Virtual Celebrating Clay shows are curated by the OGP Exhibitions committee, and may be a solo show, or a small themed group show. The shows will be held twice a year - March and October.  Each show is announced and promoted through social media.

The March 2024 show will be a group show with a theme of "Pouring Vessels" and will include seventeen curated works aligned with the theme.   The virtual exhibit will be available on this page.

You can see more about our past shows, virtual and physical,  at our  Celebrating Clay Archive page.

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Celebrating Clay

March 1-31 2024



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