Your Portfolio Page in the Members' Gallery

The Portfolio Pages are designed to provide information to your potential customers and to celebrate the diversity and excellence of the Guild members.   Your Portfolio Page would be added to the "Members' Gallery" menu page.

If you would like to participate please download the following and fill it in with the information that you want to appear on your page:    Portfolio Request

NOTE:  Some web browsers ask you where to save the file.  Others will open the PDF in a new web window and there is usually something like a download icon   or a save icon    in the upper right corner of the browser window that you can use to save the file  ... just make sure you remember where you saved it! 

E-mail the completed PDF,  along with your photos,  to:

You can request updates to your Portfolio Page by repeating the process by e-mailing an updated PDF and/or new photos. 

Alternatively you can send a simple E-mail note along with your photos, containing any of the following information to:

  • Full Name
  • Name of your Business / Studio
  • Any www. (links, web, facebook, instagram, blog etc) you would like to see mentioned
  • Whatever Contact Information you wish to have published (e.g. mailing address, email, phone numbers)
  • Up to five photos of your work at least 72 dpi resolution (no smaller than 150x150 pixels); .jpg or .png formats only
    • Label them as follows (please do not use caps or accents):  lastname01.jpg, lastname02.jpg, lastname03.jpg, lastname04.jpg, lastname05.jpg
    • You can provide a Title and a Description for of each work submitted. 
  • Photo of yourself:  lastname_photo.jpg
  • Picture of your Logo/Stamp:  lastname_logo.jpg
  • Biography and or Artist Statement (English and/or French)

The Fine Print

    1. The Guild Webmaster will do the layout, design, web storage and linkage of your submitted photos and text.  The design will be consistent across all members' pages. 
    2. There is no charge for the initial Member page setup nor for requests for minor / occasional changes to your content once it has been posted  The update requests should follow the same rules as above.    
    3. If you want major or frequent changes changes to your page,  there may be a small fee to do that.
    4. The Guild is not responsible for, nor will it provide support for,  whatever Virtual Tours or Online Shopping technology you may choose to use. 
    5. Your page will be permanently removed if you cease to be a member.  


The Ottawa Guild of Potters and their web publishers take no responsibility for any matters arising from the information on your member’s page. Your application constitutes acknowledgement of this and you agree that the Guild and its web publishers are not responsible or liable for any content or actions that arise from your member’s page on it’s web-site.

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