2020 Annual Exhibition Award Winners           Juror - Marney McDiarmid

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Best in Show –  Maria Moldovan  "Departure"

Sponsored by:  Pottery Supply House

Juror's comments:

"Apropos of this time, 'Departure' speaks to what we hold dear. Evocative and whimsical, and illustrating a light touch, the piece gracefully holds a multitude of stories"


Juror’s Choice –  Joanna Richardson  "Salt and Sugar Speckled Jar"

Sponsored by:  Tucker's Pottery Supplies

Juror's comments:

"Sand, a rusty hull, a sliver of mica that catches the light, a walk on a damp grey day - colour popping. Smooth to the touch, light yet solid to hold, the piece captivates the hand as much as the eye. The deep smoky grey of the jar's interior is a comfort. This exquisitely rendered pot feels like it is of the earth."


Best Decorated – Jocelyn Jenkins – “Emerge”

Sponsored by:  Spectrum

Juror's comments:

"These plates are abundant in detail, story and colour, and yet manage not to overwhilem the viewer. Instead one is placed in quite contemplation of nature's glory and the exquisite craft work of the artist."


Best Expression –  Iris Arnon  "What Do We Carry?"

Sponsored by: LOAM

Juror's comments:

"Grounded and resilent, the figure is naked but not exposed. The piece exemplifies a nuanced and sophisticated exploration of the female form. A scupture to spend time with"


Best for Use– Ileana Tierney "Everyday Server"

Sponsored by: Craft Ontario

Juror's comments:

"The piece is elegantly thrown and the decoration ephemeral. A sigh for the blush of green on the berries! The contrast between dark and light is very inviting - this pot would grace any table.""


Best Sculptural Work –  Jordan Danger   "Shadow"

Sponsored by:  Populace Award

Juror's comments:

"The eyes are downcast but one cannot help but be held by the wolf's glowering, watchful, glare. That the piece can evoke such emotion through form and texture alone reveals the expertise of the maker."




Best Design –  Monica Rosenthal "The Indigo Project"

Sponsored by:  Fusion

Juror's comments:

"Is it cloth? Is it clay? The elements of this installation piece come together to create an engaging study of colour and pattern that is balanced and appealing. From afar the work effectively evokes a sense of movement, like the cloth that inspired the work."




Honourable Mention –  Clément Hoeck "Jar"

Sponsored by:  Populace Gold Set

Juror's comments:

"A mastery of form and design, illustrating harmony of colour, shape, and detail."


People's Choice - To be Announced After Exhibition Close

Sponsored by:  Hintonburg Pottery
Photos by Rajeev Nath and Artists

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