2022 Annual Exhibition Award Winners

Juror - Maureen Marcotte

The Award Winners!

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Alas, there was no 2021 Annual Exhibition nor Spring Guild Sale due to the COVID pandemic.

2020 Annual Exhibition Award Winners

Juror - Marney McDiarmid

Best in Show –  Maria Moldovan  "Departure"

Sponsored by:  Pottery Supply House

Juror's comments:

"Apropos of this time, 'Departure' speaks to what we hold dear. Evocative and whimsical, and illustrating a light touch, the piece gracefully holds a multitude of stories"

Juror’s Choice –  Joanna Richardson  "Salt and Sugar Speckled Jar"

Sponsored by:  Tucker's Pottery Supplies

Juror's comments:

"Sand, a rusty hull, a sliver of mica that catches the light, a walk on a damp grey day - colour popping. Smooth to the touch, light yet solid to hold, the piece captivates the hand as much as the eye. The deep smoky grey of the jar's interior is a comfort. This exquisitely rendered pot feels like it is of the earth."

Best Decorated – Jocelyn Jenkins – “Emerge”

Sponsored by:  Spectrum

Juror's comments:

"These plates are abundant in detail, story and colour, and yet manage not to overwhilem the viewer. Instead one is placed in quite contemplation of nature's glory and the exquisite craft work of the artist."

Best Expression –  Iris Arnon  "What Do We Carry?"

Sponsored by: LOAM

Juror's comments:

"Grounded and resilent, the figure is naked but not exposed. The piece exemplifies a nuanced and sophisticated exploration of the female form. A scupture to spend time with"

Best for Use– Ileana Tierney "Everyday Server"

Sponsored by: Craft Ontario

Juror's comments:

"The piece is elegantly thrown and the decoration ephemeral. A sigh for the blush of green on the berries! The contrast between dark and light is very inviting - this pot would grace any table.""

Best Sculptural Work –  Jordan Danger   "Shadow"

Sponsored by:  Populace Award

Juror's comments:

"The eyes are downcast but one cannot help but be held by the wolf's glowering, watchful, glare. That the piece can evoke such emotion through form and texture alone reveals the expertise of the maker."



Best Design –  Monica Rosenthal "The Indigo Project"

Sponsored by:  Fusion

Juror's comments:

"Is it cloth? Is it clay? The elements of this installation piece come together to create an engaging study of colour and pattern that is balanced and appealing. From afar the work effectively evokes a sense of movement, like the cloth that inspired the work."



Honourable Mention –  Clément Hoeck "Jar"

Sponsored by:  Populace Gold Set

Juror's comments:

"A mastery of form and design, illustrating harmony of colour, shape, and detail."

People's Choice – 

Shaina Lipsey 

"Monet Comes for Tea"

Sponsored by:  Hintonburg Pottery


Are you looking for the 2019 Annual Exhibition Awards?

Alas, due to Fall 2019 renovations being made at Galerie Côté Créations, the Exhibition Committee decided to move 2019's Annual Exhibition to coincide with the Spring 2020 Guild Sale  ...  which did not take place due to the pandemic.

2018 Annual Exhibition Award Winners

Juror - Brenda Sutton Mader of Montreal

Best in Show –  Clément Hoeck   "Stoneware Jar"

Sponsored by:  Pottery Supply House

Brenda's comments:

"This is a standalone piece. Professionally made, and well proportioned, the strong form, the chattering texture is all enhanced by the beautiful glaze. It draws the eye in from the lid to the foot. Beautiful piece."

Juror’s Choice –  Ada Brzeski  "Basket with Driftwood"

Sponsored by:  Tucker's Pottery Supplies

Brenda's comments:

"This was my most difficult choice.  This basket is very well made with no cracks. The glaze fits the piece well and enhances the piece by breaking and pooling. The piece is stable and the handle is sturdy, a nice addition."

Best Decorated – Jocelyn Jenkins – “Fire Water!”

Sponsored by:  Spectrum and Populace

Brenda's comments:

"I chose this because the narrative and decorative carving runs through the whole piece. The flames, the dragons, and even the little circles are throughout each piece. The decoration was well thought out as each piece is slip coated and then carved beautifully.  Truly the best decorated."

Best Expression –  Johanna Jansen  "Still Strong"

Sponsored by: Mayco and Ottawa Guild of Potters

Brenda's comments:

"The combination of grogged clay, interesting texture, and the finish by smoke firing creates the best expression of the clay. It doesn’t always have to be smooth and shiny, it can be rough and natural and textured with the marks of the smoke firing. This is an excellent expression of clay."

Best for Use– Jane Snider   "Low Oval Tray with Three small Pots”

Sponsored by: Fusion Conference and Populace

Brenda's comments:

"This piece is well-made, nicely glazed and pleasing to the eye. It would be a lovely addition on anybody’s table."

Best Design –  Elizabeth Davies  "Sailing”

Sponsored by:  Capital Pottery and Populace

Brenda's comments:

"Strong form yet delicate.  The glazed decoration draws you in and makes you want to touch and run your hand over it. The title suits the bowl extremely well.  You can see the sails and the water in the glaze decoration. It is a beautiful expression of form and glaze."



Honourable Mention –  Sarah Hand   "Variegated Blue/green bowl with stand"

Sponsored by:  LOAM master class and Ontario Craft membership

Brenda's comments:

"I have one word for this piece - patience. The preparation work and the construction of this little piece is lengthy and time consuming. Beautifully made, and a nice composition of color, glazed perfectly."

People's Choice - Jocelyn Jenkins  -  "The Night Forest"

Sponsored by:  Hintonburg Pottery and Mayco
Photos by Dave Drapeau

2017 Annual Exhibition Award Winners

Juror - Cynthia O'Brien

Best in Show –  Colette Beardall – “Gorilla” 

Sponsored by:  Pottery Supply House, Tucker's Pottery Supplies and Populace


Cynthia's comments:

"Elegantly rendered with detail and feeling."

Juror’s Choice – Clément Hoeck Stoneware Vase ” 

Sponsored by:  Pottery Supply House and LOAM


Cynthia's comments:

"A shape I never tire of running my hand over, with a slight blush of red, very enticing."

Best Decorated – Jocelyn Jenkins – “Waters Run Deep

Sponsored by:  Spectrum and Ottawa Guild of Potters


Cynthia's comments:

"A winsome piece, with excellent sgraffito carving, a well thought out design and a hopeful narrative. " 

Best Expression – Art Petch Storm at Sea

Sponsored by: Capital Pottery Supplies and Craft Ontario


Cynthia's comments:

"This piece is a challenge. It is both rough and experimental yet it is these attributes that keep me coming back. There is a continuing conversation which is why we create. "

Best for Use – Jane Snider – “Serving Dish

Sponsored by: Tucker's Pottery Supply and Hintonburg Pottery Shop


Cynthia's comments:

"A beautifully crafted platter that suggests a cool place to rest during the hot summer." 

Best Design – Yumiko Katsuya Forest Fantasy

Sponsored by:  Fusion

Cynthia's comments:

"Beautifully mastered crystalline glaze.  The body of the vase creates a feeling of the dense foliage of a garden, moving upward into a slim neck to be crowned with living flowers."

Honourable Mention – Johanna Jansen – “Eruptions

Sponsored by:  Tucker's Pottery Supply and Populace


Cynthia's comments:

"These twins show clay and nature at its best. There is a rough beauty that invites a closer, longer look." 

People's Choice – Jocelyn Jenkins

Sponsored by:  Mayco


Photos by Dave Drapeau

2016 Spring Exhibition Award Winners

Juror - Leta Cormier

Capital Pottery Supplies Best in Show –  Janet Keefe – “Swan Song”

Leta's comments:

"This elegantly constructed hand built piece communicates a sense of simplicity and grace.  Movement in the piece has been thoughtfully considered to lead the viewer around and through the work, inviting an exploration of the relationship of the interior and exterior aspects of the form.  The surface treatment complements and quietly enhances the gesture of the form creating an overall sense of unity."


Craft Ontario – Michelle Bertrand – “Hope”

Leta's comments:

"Both the strength and gentleness of the subjects and the idea informing this piece are conveyed through the modelling and gesture of the individual pieces of this figurative sculpture.  The placement of the individual pieces and the relationships created between the pieces and their base engage the viewer with the whole piece."

Fusion Award – Puck Jaynes

Leta's comments:

"The simplicity and asymmetrical construction of this oval platter is reflected in the choice of quiet glazes and the placement of the decoration creating a sense of overall unity."

Pottery Supply House Juror’s Choice – Clement Hoeck

Leta's comments:

"Strength in the directness of the form and glazing of this large bowl come from the confident  energy with which the bowl has been thrown and the glaze considered and applied.  Both aspects come together in this piece creating a “celebration” of process."

Tucker’s Pottery Supplies Best Decorated – Jocelyn Jenkins – “The Pond”

Leta's comments:Jocelyn-JenkinsBest-Decorated

"This plate, which is beautifully thrown and finished, becomes more than a canvas.  It is transformed by the decoration which creates the illusion of the transparency and movement of “the pond” enlivened with frogs and dragonfly.  The reference to pond life continues on the underside of the plate and includes the plate foot rings completing the composition."

Best for Use – Jen Drysdale

Leta's comments:

"This unassuming jug has a strong, comfortable handle, appropriate in width and placed in balance with the body.  The spout has a pleasant pouring stream without a drip. This is an admirably useful jug!"

Best of Expression - Carol Lim

Leta's comments: 

This piece expresses the pleasure of material and process.  Both the stamped decoration and form are executed with directness and confidence.  The glazes enrich the surface creating a “Rocco” feeling that is bursting with life and the sheer joy of making!

Honorable Mention – Johanna Jansen

Leta's comments:Johanna Jensen- Honorable Mention 1

"These three pieces work well together as a group.  They offer a play of contrasts -the straight edge of the slab constructed body contrasted with the curve of the thrown neck and the rather “formal” bottle forms contrasted with the surface “softened” by the random smoky patterns and textures of the smoke-fired technique."  


2015 Spring Exhibition Award Winners

Juror - Keith Campbell


Capital Pottery Supplies Best in Show – Kim Lulashnyk

2015 Best In Show by Kim LulashnykKeith's comments: "Powerful image, relevant to what is happening now in the world. Well designed using new technology, photo imagery to make the statement visually strong. Symbolism in the use of colour and mixed media strongly brought this sculptural work to the top of all the work in the exhibition."


Craft Ontario – Janet Keefe

Craft Ontario for Janet KeefeKeith's comments: "I chose this large hand built vase glazed in white with black spray to define negative spaces in the form. The work had incredible drama and movement and felt like it was balancing in space. Beautifully designed and crafted."

Fusion Award – Arthur Petch

Fusion Award for Arthur PetchKeith's comments: "I chose this extruded sculpture because of the powerful movement of form that moved my eye up many directions. Well balanced with strong movement of glaze colour that moved from blues to greens from shiny to matte."

Pottery Supply House Juror’s Choice – Jen Drysdale

Pottery Supply House Juror's Choice for Jen DrysdaleKeith's comments: "This wood fired stoneware teapot and cups and saucers was outstanding in its presentation of functional design with textural surfaces and strong decoration. It made you want to touch and hold it. Extremely well crafted."

Tucker’s Pottery Supplies Best Decorated – Bruce Jones

BasketKeith's comments: "I chose this contemporary clay basket because of its outstanding over all colour and decoration and its strong form. The colours in blues and white create an incredible movement of pattern and designs over the entire surface of the piece. It is masterful in its strong visual image."

Best for Use – Clément Hoeck

Best For Use for Clément HoeckKeith's comments: "I picked this large thrown porcelain plate with exquisite colored and textural glaze surface because it was extremely well thrown and crafted. Very strong professional piece by a master thrower."

Best of Expression - Isobel Salole

Keith's comments: This sculpture of a boat with two figures is powerful and dramatic. The figures with their flying capes/clothes and body language are a perfect image of turmoil in a relationship.  It works visually from all angles as you view the piece with lots of texture and colour  contrasting with the figures in black. The artist has truly caught
emotional energy in turmoil. 


Honorable Mention - Barbora Balaban

Keith's comments: "I gave this award this award to a handbuilt stoneware wall balaban_hon_mentionpiece that showed great promise in taking the artist to new levels.  The work was simple but had great textural and structural elements."  


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