This section contains information and links that may be of help in selling your works.

You'll find:    Events,  Associations / Organizations, Museums / Galleries  and Retail Shops.   There is also a section with ideas on setting yourself up for Online Selling.



  • Ottawa A one stop web resource for makers and collectors of Ceramic Art in the National Capital Region.

Retail Shops

Riverguild Fine Crafts

51 Gore St E
Perth Ontario

Loam Clay Studio

131 Loretta Avenue North
Ottawa,  Ontario
Canada    K1Y 2J7

Selling Your Work Online

There are several ways to go when selling your works online:                    

You can also make use the Guild’s “Member’s Portfolio & Gallery” feature and:

  • let folk know that they can email you if they want to purchase any of the works you have posted on your page,
  • include links to any of the web sales sites mentioned above that you have built,
  • prepare a PDF sales brochure and include an invitation for folk to contact you to request it ,
  • If you are willing to do online chat video exhibitions of your works (e.g. via Zoom, Skype), consider adding a note to your Gallery page inviting folk to email you to schedule an e-tour.

Fine Print:  The Guild is not responsible for, nor will it provide support for,  whatever Virtual Tours or Online Shopping technology you may choose to use. 

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