Best Sculptural Work  

Juror's Comment:  "The eyes are downcast but one cannot help but be held by the wolf's glowering, watchful, glare. That the piece can evoke such emotion through form and texture alone reveals the expertise of the maker. "

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Jordan Danger



This shadow wolf sits, hunched and watching you; but is he friend or foe? While it may be frightening, the artist creates this tactile sculpture with playful ears an animated quality, urging us to embrace our own shadows and realize their beauty.
Stoneware, electric fired to cone 6, and painted with velvet matte underglaze
9" x 8" in, 1.5 lbs


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Artist's Statement

Long ago in a classroom somewhere, I etched a note to myself on a wooden easel: “Art should be everywhere”. This quickly became my mantra and has guided my exploration of media, subject, and form until this very day. Born in British Columbia to a family that is primarily Nova Scotian, I have strong ties to the oceans, mountains, and forests. I strive to create pieces that will incite a love affair between the beholder and the subject. If I can create a piece that someone wants to touch or talk to everyday, I have achieved my goal. I like to cross the line between craft (which is typically functional) and art (which is typically untouchable), and find a middle ground where the work is finessed, but the end product is approachable. If a person can appreciate how precious a ceramic cephalopod is, they can learn to appreciate how precious the original animal is.
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Photos by Rajeev Nath
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