Night and Day

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Barbara Minish

Night and Day


This piece is my version of the classic Grecian urn. The bright sky blue descending to midnight blue and finally black inspired the title of this work.
Cone 6 stoneware, oxidation fired.
height - 24 cm
diameter - 14 cm
weight - 1.75 kg

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Artist's Statement

The wheel thrown pots I create echo the timeless forms created by early potters millenniums ago. The sensuous curves and classic refined lines of ancient Minoan pots are irresistible to me. They inspire my work and link to my own Greek ancestry. My primary focus is on form and surface texture. My approach to glazing is minimalist – using glaze and colour to enhance the form and surface of the piece. The curves, balanced shapes, and textures invite people to take them off the shelf and connect with the clay and my process.

More recently I have begun to incorporate hand built and sculptural elements into my work. Though a departure in form, my series of tulipieres links thematically to the classic mythological stories of seasonal rhythms and rebirth.

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Photos by Rajeev Nath
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