Silver Lining

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Anne Nicol

Silver Lining


A whimsical play on the the well-known proverb - 'Every cloud has a silver lining'.  The hollow pillow handles give the feeling of an airy, floating weightlessness.
This work was inspired during our current pandemic. This silver lining is a sign of hopefulness and a positivity in an time of uncertainty.

Porcelain, slab built, hollow pillow handles, airbrushed, hand-painted, hand lettered white gold & mother of pearl luster,

cone 6 oxidation
cone .017 luster firing
2.5"H x 14.5" W x 6.5"D Weight: 2 lbs, 7-3/4oz.
H6.35cm x W36.83cm x D16.51cm Weight: 1126g

Special Handling Instructions:   Lusters, no dishwasher
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Artist's Statement

As a ceramicist, I love to create whimsical one-of-a-kind fun, functional and ornate art pieces. My background as a designer, calligrapher and painter informs my sense of colour, texture, shape and form while also lending focus and professionalism to my work. What I enjoy most about clay as a medium is that it allows me to constantly explore new and challenging decorative techniques to express my innate creativity.

As a teacher and artist, pottery offers me a flexible, inspiring outlet in which to lose myself as I become completely immersed into the creative process. I find great pleasure in sharing my knowledge and igniting the imaginations of students. It is always rewarding to see the outcome of their own creative journeys.

I am a studio potter and teacher at LOAM Clay Studio and an active volunteer with the Ottawa Guild of Potters, when not working with our family business, Crossford Construction.

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Photos by Rajeev Nath
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