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Maria Moldovan



Sculpture inspired by the pure power carried and expressed by a horse. Human presence appears as well with the house and the decorative elements.

cone 6 stoneware finished with glazes and underglazes
7"x6.5"x2" / 450 grams

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Artist's Statement

The act of creation is a journey for me. When I moved to Canada in 2013, I began searching for anchor points in this new space. This search has been a driving force in my creative work over the past few years. It has involved a constant movement from outside to inside and vice versa while I create forms, body and skin for shapeless, incomprehensible ideas.

I mostly handbuild and finish the ceramic surface with colours, combining layered underglazes, decorative patterns and surface glazes; I also like to keep a lot of areas white to let the work breathe. I am interested in the playful process of finding the balance between these four components of the surface finish. I also combine elements such as body parts which in real life would never be found together, but in my sculptures find new meaning.

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Photos by Rajeev Nath
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